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Welcome to Banská Bystrica...

... to city that is the center of the Mid-Slovakia region with administrative, economic and cultural significance. It lies in the the middle of Europe on the banks of the river Hron surrounded by breathtaking scenary of Low Tatras, Kremnické Vrchy and Slovenské Rudohorie mountains.

The history of the town and its development is tied with the history of mining industry, especially that of copper. Banská Bystrica carries by all rights the nickname "copper Bystrica" as back in 1495 it became the European metropolis in mining, processing and trading with copper. The rich mining history left many traces in the architecture of the town houses, churches and other objects in Banská Bystrica. The most attractive and consequently also the most visited places of the town is the Castle Complex together with the Square of SNP with historical buildings running down both sides of the square continuing into all adjoining streets that create pleasant atmosphere any time of the year.

Summer attracts many visitors also thanks to variaty of cultural and sport events such as festivals, exhibitions, concerts of either modern or folk music and many others. Winter changes the surroundings of Banská Bystrica into a real snow paradise with wonderful skiing, snowboarding or cross country skiing opportunities. The busy day and night life is created not only by its inhabitants and tourists but also by thousands of students that study at one of the biggest universities in Slovakia – Matej Bel University with eight faculties.

The surroundings of Banská Bystrica as well as the city offers spectrum of sightseeings and activities. Whether you decide to explore the beauties of the city or the picturesque villages such as Donovaly, Králiky, Tajov, Kordíky, Turecká, Selce, Špania Dolina, Ľubietová, whether you visit Harmanecká Cave or hike around our beautiful region, we believe that your expectations will not only be fulfilled but exceeded. And you will join those who agree that the saying "Alive in Bystrica, after death in heaven" lives up to its reputation.

We are looking forward to your visit ...



date: 2019-03-23

Name day of: Adrián

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