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The Parish Church of Ascension of Virgin Mary

The Church from the 13th century is the oldest part in the castle complex as well as in the city. Prescious Chapel of St. Barbora with gothic altar was made by famous Master Pavol of Levoča. There is also a precious font from 1475. A unique feature is the sculpture, Mount of Olives, from the year 1500 interestigly placed into the facade of the church next to the main entrance.



The Church of St. Cross

Originally a chapel with preserved late-gothic and renaissance elements built at the end of the 15th century by citizens of the town and the miners. The church is located next to the town fortifications.






The Cathedral of St. František Xaverský

After their arrival to the town, the Jesuits first built the Chapel of St. John, then completed the construction of the church of St. František Xaverský in 1695 – 1715 as a copy of II Gesu Church in Rome. In 1844, two towers were added to the church, the main entrance with four tuscan columns is between them.








The Church of St. Elisabeth, so-called Spital Church

Built in 1303 as a city hospice, it is the first gothic building to be built in the town. After reconstruction in 1750, the church bears new baroque elements. The side Chapel of St. Anna was created from the sanctuary of the gothic church. Inside the church there is precious gothic vaulting and an altar painting of St. Elisabeth by Jozef Murgaš, the native from Tajov.







The Evangelist Church

Built between 1803 – 1807 on the site of an older wooden church, based on the project of M. Pollack in classicists style.




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