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Cultural-Historical Monuments

Barbican with tower

The castle area was entered via a draw-bridge over an artificially created moat. This entrance to the town castle with barbican was built in 15th century. Later on, a tower with three bells, biggest of them weighs 990 kg, was built.









The Old Town Hall

The building was build after 1500 with substantional support of a local rich miner Mühlstein. The town hall had gothic features, it was reconstructed in renaissance style in 1671 and completely rebuilt in baroque style in the 18th century. In the past it served as a seat of a local district chairman. Presently, exhibit halls of the Central Slovakia Gallery are here.




Matej House

A five-floor late-gothic building from 1479 with a gothic portal and a coat of arms of the King Matej and his wife on the front facade. It is said that the King Matej used to stay in this building.





Skutecký House

Gallery – a family villa in renaissance style. A permanent exhibition of the work of the famous painter Dominik Skutecky is here. Skutecky belonged to the most prominent representatives of the Central European painting.





The Clock Tower

A dominant costruction from 1552 in the upper part of the square. Until the 19th century, the town watchmen used its ambit. The tower is distinctive for its inclination by approx. 40 cm. The basement was originally used as prison and torture chamber.









Virgin Mary Column

Built in the 18th century, the sculpture itself is from the 19th century. In 1964, the column was moved from its original place in the square of SNP to the Castle Complex. Currently, it is installed in the square again.









Thurzo House

In 1492 – 1540, seat of the Thurzo-Fugger Mining Company. Originally a gothic house reconstructed in 1557. Precious are gothic portals, wooden beam ceiling, the green chamber with fescos with biblical theme as wel as two coats-of-arms of Korvin and Anjou families. Nowadays, the building is the site of the Central Slovakia Museum.




Benický House

Originally two gothic houses reconstructed in renaissance and classicistic style. Facade, unigue arcade gallery, frescos in the interior as well as exterior, lunette vaults with rich stuccoed ornaments with floral patterns, all these make the house very attractive for visitors.








The Bishop Palace

Built as a Bishops Palace, after fire in 1787, the building was rebuilt by count Berchtold. The resident of the Bishop and the first chairman of the Slovak Foundation – Dr. Štefan Moyzes.






Museum of the Slovak National Uprising

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Slovak national Uprising, the town got a new dominant – the Museum of the Slovak National Uprising, a work of architect Dušan Kuzma. Interior of the museum holds an exhibition of weapons, documentation and many other exhibits documenting the events of the Slovank National Uprising. Military exhibits from the II World War are in the park area outside the museum.



date: 2019-03-23

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