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From the Castle to the SNP Monument

  • 2 hours tour
  • Number of people: max. 30
  • on request, 3 days ahead (The Order form attached below)
  • English, German, French, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Italian guides available


During a two-hour tour we will introduce you the history of the Castle Complex buildings, SNP Square, but mainly the mining history of the town and the significance of the Thurzo-Fugger Mining Company and its supremacies. You will walk along the Kapitulská street to the SNP Monument - remarkable building with an exposition of the antifascist resistance movement.

The tour includes: The Castle Complex buildings, The Clock Tower, Oberhaus, The Mühlstein House, The Thurzo House, Kammerhof, The Beniczky House, The Ebner House, The Stone Obelisk, The SNP Monument, Open-air folk museum of combat technology.





date: 2019-03-23

Name day of: Adrián

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