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In the Castle and "Market" Square

  • 90 minute tour
  • Number of people: max. 30
  • on request, 3 days ahead (the Order form attached below)
  • English, German, French, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Italian guides available


Besides the historical buildings of the castle complex you will see the village square - present SNP Square - which was created when the rich minors built 32 houses under the castle. The village square was a marketplace and the witness of history, where amusement and rallies took place. Except the buidings owned by the Thurzo-Fugger Mining Company you will also see other remarkable houses regarding the architecture and personalities who used to live in them...

The Castle Complex includes: The Barbican, The Parish Church of Ascension of Virgin Mary, The Church of St. Cross, Matthew´s House, The Old Town Hall (Praetorium) and Bastions.

The SNP Square includes: Thurzo House, The Cathedral of František Xaverský, Ebner House, Beniczky House, The Clock Tower, The Mühlstein House, The Pribicer House, The Hotel "U Raka", The Bishop Palace, The Marian Column, The Stone Fountain.




date: 2019-03-23

Name day of: Adrián

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