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Information about timetables

Timetables of buses and coaches in Slovakia:  (english and german version available)


Railway timetables: (english and german version available) (english and german version available) (english version available)


Timetables of buses in the City of Banska Bystrica:


Tickets for intercity and international bus lines are sold either by drivers or in these offices:
• Main bus station Banská Bystrica
• SAD Zvolen, 29. augusta street n. 37
• Studen agency, Horná street 21
• Travel agency Turancar, Dolná street 43

Tickets for public bus transport are sold by drivers in buses.

Tickets for railway transport are sold on the main railway station.

For airline transport tickets, visit travel agency Coimex, Partizánska cesta street 3, Banská Bystrica.



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