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The spa Sliač lies in a beautiful nature environment in the west part of Zvolenská fold, in the western foothill of Slovak Ore Mountains 373 m a.s.l. It can be found between the metropolis of middle Slovakia - Banská Bystrica and the district city Zvolen, surrounded by vast woods, parks and plains with a wonderful view at the valley of the river Hron, at Kremnické and Štiavnické mountains and at the western part of the Low Tatra Mountains from there.

The world-known spa with healing thermal springs were known in the 13 century already. Heart and circulatory system diseases of adults and children and also women´s diseases are cured here. Patients are treated by tub baths, pool baths in the natural carbonic water, remedial gymnastics, gas injections, source gas, dry carbonic baths, classic and reflex massages, inhalations, sauna hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, neuraltherapy or vacuumpress.

Spa Sliač
+421 (0)45/5442 320-322



The village of Kováčová lies in a colourful slope under the foothills of Kremnické mountains northwest from Zvolen 290 m a.s.l. The spa Kováčová is one of the youngest spas in Slovakia. Healing influence of the spring as first detected the natives when bathing. In 1929 the original bore hole was cleaned and deepened and the basis of the recent spa were found. In that time next to the spring with sulfate-hydrogencarbonic, calcium-magnesiumhypotonic thermal water a spa house and a little hotel with a restaurant were built. Nervous and motional mechanism illnesses and rheumatical diseases are successfully treated in this spa by baths in natural mineral water, hydrotherapy, individual remedial gymnastics, hydrokinesiotherapy of classic and reflex massages, logopedy, solarium, electrotherapy, sauna, laser therapy and magnetotherapy.

Spa Kováčová
Kúpeľná 76/70, Kováčová
+421 (0)45/5445 349, 5445 098



The spa lies in beautiful mountain environment at the foothill of northern slopes of Vepor mountain. Curative mineral springs were found in 1839. The spa buildings are in classicistical style. In the part of the village called St. Ondrej there is an original gothic church from the 15th century, later fortified and baroque rebuilt. Cold water springs here, hydrogen carbon sulfate, calcium-natrium magnesium cantaining source where are from the 19th century digestix and motional mechanism illnesses, diseases of the vascular system, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases from the metabolic disorder and disorder of glauds with inner secretion, chronic liver diseases as occupational diseases. treated. The patients with gall, biliary tract, liver, pancreas and some motional and circulation mechanism illnesses are cured here. Drinking mineral water, pool and tub baths in mineral water, electrotherapy, hydrotherapeutical treatments, physiotherapy, hydrokinesitherapy, gas injection, paraffin, inhalations, hiking, classic, reflex and underwater massages.


Spa Brusno
Kúpeľná 1/2
+421 (0)48/431 15 11



Several mineral sources spring in Banská Bystrica and its vicinity. Directly in Banská Bystrica two mineral sources spring: the Medokýš source about 100 m left from Tajovský stream between the outdoor and indoor swimming pool and the other Medokýš stream near Rudlovská street leading from the city center to the suburb Sásová. Many sources can be found also in the surrounding villages: in Ľubietová, Šálková, Čerín, Čačín, Moštenica or Hiadeľ, in the spa resort Brusno sources Pavol, Ľudovít, Vepor and Ďumbier spring. Each spring is suitable for drinking if the oposite isn´t writen!



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