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Technical Monuments

Unique roof in Banská Bystrica

The house no. 7 on the Štefan Moyses Square is a late gothic building, later converted to the reinassance style, first mentioned in 1525. It is famous thanks to its roof. Its frame roofing hangs on a special suspended construction. Bedřich Schniederch, the autor, used five-piece articulated belts of forgeable iron. He created such a roof as the first in the world in the years 1825 - 1826.







The village of Špania Dolina

Špania Dolina is situated north of Banská Bystrica. The present appearance of Špania Dolina retains the medieval character developed from the mining settlement of Banská Bystrica. The small village is located within a heritage reserve that contains many sites of architectural, technical and historical value. A short educational walking path has been established to guide visitors through these interesting sites. There are 78 served buildings in the reserve. They are mainly the original mining houses, a church from the 1254 which was in 1593 rebuild in gothical style. In one of the buildings there is a pension called Klopačka, where a little exposition of laces and mining is located. The remains of the oldest mining shaft named Ferdinand are near. The shaft was created in 1494, the other shafts are: Maximilian from 1563, Maria from 1629 and the youngest shaft Ludvika from 1812.


Water channel in the valley Rakytovo

In beautiful valley Rakytovo near the village of Harmanec just few kilometers from Banská Bystrica a unique technical monument is situated. The water channel Rakytovo which is 2,5 km long was built in 19th century to deliver wood from surrounding forests with help of regulated water. The entire construction is made of wood - the spruce and fir, without using any other material. The rare monument in whole Europe is really worth seeing.


Görgei tunnel

The tunnel in Kremnické mountains is called after Artur Görgei, a Hungarian general who used this tunnel in January 1849 to move his army with heavy artillery against the army of emperor Francis Joseph. The tunnel was later land up and only at the end of 20th century repaired with the help of tourists and volunteers to its original state. There is also a tablet dedicated to the memory to partisan group of colonel Markus, who operated here during World War II. The central part of Kremnické mountains ridge is also famous thanks to the centre of Europe and thanks to the 19th meridian, which goes through Skalka.


Mining watercourse

Water for Špania Dolina was provided by a unique surface water main. The construction started in 15th century and was in operation until 20th century. Water streamed in joined chutes from as far as Prašiva, 28 km distant mountain in Low Tatras. Aditional waterworks connected the four shafts in Špania Dolina and shafts in nearby hamlets Piesky and Richtarova. The length of Špania Dolina water main was 14 km.



date: 2019-03-23

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