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The Most Significant Sights of the Historical Centre

  • 3 hours tour
  • Price: 90,00 Eur
  • Number of people: max. 30
  • on request, 3 days ahead (The Order form attached below)
  • English, German, French, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Italian guides available


The exhibition of the most interesting buildings which can be found in the historical centre of Banská Bystrica. Besides the medieval sights among the castle complex and the town houses in the SNP square you will see the following remarkable houses in Dolná street: the house where the first pharmacy in the town used to be, the Bethlen House where the prince Gabriel Bethlen was crowned the Hungarian King, the house where Matthias Bel - the most famous Hungarian scientist - used to work, the oldest building in Dolná street - the Church of St. Elisabeth, etc.

The tour includes: The Castle Complex buildings, The SNP Square, The Moller House, The Bethlen House, The Bogdan House, The Church of St. Elisabeth...




date: 2019-03-23

Name day of: Adrián

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