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We recommend to visit in the surrounding of Banská Bystrica...

Banská Bystrica is surrounded with breathtaking hills and mountains where picturesque villages lie, offering natural and historlical beauty to its visitors. Here are only couple of tips for making the most of your visit to Banská Bystrica by connecting the sightseeing tour of the town with the visit to one of those splendid places:



The wooden church in Hronsek, which was entered in the list of the UNESCO world heritage in 2008 together with 7 other churches of the Carpathian Arc, is situated in a lovely background surronded by giant spreading lindens. It was built between 1525 - 1526. In the same time a separate wooden bell tower was built next to the church. A famous Slovak poet Andrej Sládkovič got married in the church of Hronsek.



The picturesque village in the middle of Starohorské Mountains was declared a monumental reservation of folk architecture (created by 78 buildings) in 1979 due to its unique architecture. Špania Dolina is a significant mining village, where ore - which was turned by oxidation into copper - was mined. In Špania Dolina you can see a unique wooden roofed staircase with 162 stairs leading to the Church of Transfiguration, the renaissance building of "Klopačka" with the Museum of Bobbin-Lace Work and the mining exposition, Mining Horolog and Mining Educational Sidewalk. The mining duct and bobbin-lace represent one-of-a kind art.  



The castle was built in the middle of 13th century during the reign of king Belo IV. It stands on a hill of Low Tatra Mountains and in the past it fullfilled the function of guard castle, which controlled significant medieval mercantile road "via magna" leading at the foot of the castle. It is famous thanks to visits of kings such as Belo IV, Stephen V, Karol Robert of Anjou or Matthias Corvinus. King Zigmund of Luxemburg used to stay here quite often because of his passion for hunting. Later, in the era of renaissance and baroque, owners of the castle changed often; palatine František Wesselényi with his wife Maria Széchyi became fond of this castle so much that they invested a big amount of money for its reconstruction. Nowadays, visitors, who are interested in history or architecture, can enjoy guided tours. Except the castle, the village of Slovenská Ľupča has also other interesting sights, among them "Kláštorisko" - the significant archaeological site explaining the history of the local cloister.


Other places can be visited as part of a guided tour of Banská Bystrica and its surrrounding:

  • Harmanecká Cave
  • Poniky
  • Bystrianska Cave
  • Badín´s Primeval Forest



date: 2019-03-23

Name day of: Adrián

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